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Meet The Talent

Hey there! I'm Jessica Joan or as most people know me, Rabbit. For the last 12 years I have been working in the video & photography industry. I graduated in 2010 with my degree in Digital Video Production from Washtenaw Community College.
My professional experience post-college began in working full time as a video editor right out of college in southeast Michigan. From there I began doing more freelance work for myself, as well as working on local television shows and movies produced in Michigan. I have worked with a number of successful video and photo companies throughout Michigan and Chicago showcasing my abilities. 

I happened upon my first wedding back in 2008. A friend needed a second videographer and I figured I'd help out. Little did I know that would lead me to a love for capturing weddings and other events. 


 I am a Michigan native. Born and raised.

In my free time I enjoy editing (surprise!), watching independent films and enjoying the great outdoors in this glorious state!

Born and raised in the mitten but always looking for video opportunities wherever they may be. Whether you're someone looking to hire a video editor for their business or just looking for someone to film your special event, I'm your girl.

A little bit more detail about my experience in the video field... I'll just set this here...

"Even the worst day on a movie set is better than the best day anywhere else" 

Carolyn (Jackie Weaver) - The Disaster Artist 
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